Install Guide

Install Guide


  • PHP 5.0, MySql 2.0, Appache
  • Configure Appache
  • Mod_rewrite should ON

Install Steps


We have introduced an easy and a user friendly installation process in this Carpooling script. Please go through the requirement section for a hassle free installation of this Carpooling script on your system.


Installation Steps

  1. Fill in a simple form with check box provided for configuration under step 3.
  2. Then, your system gets configured with the requirements mentioned in the requirement section.
  3. Finally, the installation process will start automatically.


Steps for filling the form

Follow the steps for filling the form. If you are not sure about any of the form fields, kindly check the box provided in step 6. On clicking the check box, a sample data gets inserted in all the fields. This sample data will give you an idea on filling the form with correct information.


Step 1:Database Information: Provide your database information here. You should have your own database for this. Fill in the following information related to your database.




  • Local host: Provide your computer’s host name.
  • Database name: Specify the database name.
  • User name: Provide the user name which you use to log in to your database.
  • Password: Provide the password of the database user Id.



Step 2: Admin Information: Admin is a person who manages the website from the back end. You have to provide the information related to site’s admin here.




  • Admin email: Provide the email address of admin here. Any admin notifications will be sent to this email address only.
  • Password: Provide the password which the admin will require to login to the admin panel.


Step 3: Company Information: You are required to provide your Carpooling company information.




  • CompanyName: Fill in the name of your Carpooling Company.
  • Website email: Fill in the email address of your Company.
  • Check the box for automatic configuration for installation and to obtain an SEO friendly URL for your Carpooling website.


Step 4: Oauth Information: You are required to provide this information if you want to allow the members in your site to login either using their Facebook or Google Id. For this, you should have registered with Facebook or Google to obtain the Facebook or Google API for your site. Once, registered, you will receive a Facebook App secret Id or Google App secret id or both. You will also receive secret ids which should be used by you for going through an authentication process.




  • Facebook App Id: Provide your Facebook App Id here.
  • Facebook App secret Id: Provide your Facebook App secret Id here.
  • Google App Id: Provide your Google App Id here.
  • Google App secret Id: Provide your Google App secret Id here.


Final Step:Insert sample data: You may check the box provided for insertion of sample data here. This will provide you an insight on how to fill in the form with correct information.