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‘Search’ has widened its scope

When Google maps has improved its reach to touch even the smallest of and the least popular cities, it is much easier for you to provide services for your Car Boarders who want to board a car from any corner of the country. Through the support of Google maps, the Car Boarders can be easily located, not only if they are in a metropolitan city, but also from a small town. This Carpooling Script is designed to create utmost Customer Satisfaction by locating them, no matter where they are, and providing a service to them right at the place where they are located.


Provision for Services to every Car Boarder

There are some Car Owners who may not like to encourage pets or smokers as their Car Boarders. Similarly, there are some Car Boarders who is accompanied by their pets, or who are smokers. The Script allows the Car Owners to use the ‘Settings’ Option exclusively developed to provide such terms and conditions for their Prospective Car Boarders. Similarly Car Boarders are provided with ‘Filtering’ Options to search for a car to suit their comfort levels.


Options for Specific Rides

The Site can provide filtering options for Car Owners to provide specific ride/service such as Airport pickup and drop, or Ladies only Pickup and drop, and so on.


Instant Notifications

The Script allows you to send automatic and instant notifications to both the parties – Car Owners and Car Boarders. A Car Owner gets an instant notification, once a Customer has booked his/her Car. At the same time, the Car Boarder also gets an instant notification, like a confirmation that, the request has been raised and the Car has been booked. The script also provides provision for providing content for these notifications in your own way such as phone numbers of both the parties, how far the car is located from the destination, and so on.


Pricing based on Distance

Let your car owners set different prices for different routes, based on the distance between two locations. For example, they may set a different price to Location A from Location B, and a different price to Location A from Location C. Pricing can be given based on distance in kilometers, although the destinations remain same..


A Unique Dashboard for Car Owners and Car Boarders

Every person who registers on the Carpooling site of yours, can have a unique dashboard for him/herself. Through this dashboard, they can raise requests, send messages and inquiries. The dashboard can be customized to provide statistics and infographics on the number of requests raised, number of messages sent and received, and number of inquiries sent or received, during a day, week, month, and so on.


Post unlimited requests for trips, messages, and inquiries

The Script does not restrict either parties for the number of posts for trip requests, messages, or Inquiries. Either parties – Car Owners or Car Boarders can raise unlimited trip requests, send unlimited messages to one another and post unlimited inquiries.


Admin Control Panel

Not only do Car Owners and Car Boarders have dashboards. More importantly the Site Owner should have a controlled web presence, in order to keep it organic and only have it to serve its purpose. The Script allows designing an Admin Control Panel. Through an Admin Control Panel, the Site Owner can moderate the content on the site on a continuous basis. The Site Owners can also have statistics and infographics on every Car Owner and Car Boarder who regularly avail business and services from their site.


SEO Friendly URLs, Analytics, and Map

The Script allows you to create an SEO friendly and a sensible URL, without giving confusing URLs such as .php or .aspx. The script can also be easily customized to provide Analytics such as number of visitors for the site along with infographics and statistics on a set time basis and a real time basis. The Script is well supported by Google Maps for locating the exact address of pickup location, and route for the destination.